Since talent is the first element of business development, Doppler has well-known ultrasound experts, as well as young researchers, covering various aspects including acoustics, materials, electronics, mechanical and processing.

We firmly believe that talent is the cornerstone and power of the company's development and first-class companies need top talent.

So, we organize the recruiting expert team to recruit staff from major well-known colleges and universities every year, and constantly absorb talents to ensure the quality of talent. Meanwhile, we also establish a complete set of talent introduction, training and selection mechanism and provide sufficient development space and promotion opportunities for each employee.

Training System

What is your goal? What is the direction of your efforts?

Doppler has established a comprehensive training system to provide basic pre-job and vocational skills training, and also provides appropriate professional skills and management skills training under the specific circumstances of each job so that each employee can understand their development goals and the direction of efforts.