New Building, New Start, New Journey To Celebrate DOPPLER Office Warming

In order to meet the future development and market demands, DOPPLER decided to step forward and move to the new address by 10th January, 2017 at No. 1501 Kaichuang Avenue, Huangpu District, a six-floor building.


In the morning of 10th January, office warming ceremony was held in lobby of the new building, and all company staff members witnessed this exciting historical moment! Thunderous clapping and applauses from audience when Chairman Cai Qingsheng and Chief Engineer Ji Xuanrong together to unveil the red cloth symbol of the new starting point for the development of DOPPLER.


In this office warming ceremony, Chairman Cai Qingsheng addressed on behalf of the Board of Directors of the company, he said with emotion:” Since the company was founded in 2008, after 9 years of hard work & struggle, not only earned a good reputation from NDT society, but also with steadily climbing sales year by year! Company began with one floor building in 2008, then two floors in 2010, and till six floors this year, every expansion brings leap-frog development, I firmly believe that this time we will bring new level of improvements of technology, quality and quantity! Look forward to sharing the victory with all colleagues at the end of this year.


Amid the cheers, Chairman Cai opened the champagne which symbolize the good fortune and hope, and toasted this milestone in DOPPLER history with all guests!



All company staff members took a group souvenir photo jubilantly in front of new office building.



With the official opening of new building of Company, production capacity will be growing exponentially, and staff office environment will also has qualitative improvements. All DOPPLER members will join hands to work together, forge ahead and create a more brilliant tomorrow.


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