MOS-01 Mouse Type Girth Weld Scanner


Doppler MOS-01 Mouse Type Scanner is designed for recordable inspection of circumferential above φ100mm Pipe Girth Welds and Plate Butt Welds by using Phased Array Probe..



Using Mouse Type Ergonomic Design, Smart and Comfort to Operate. 

Conceal Design of Encoder, more beneficial to prevent data loss of encoder track-slipping, and extend the lifetime of encoder. 

MOS-01 includes 4 strong magnetic wheels, combines pressure springs to make sure tightly closefit between Phased Array probe and workpiece surface, and make sure sufficient coupling effects. 

The probe clamping is 90 ° direction adjustable, to perform lateral scanning and vertical scanning..


Scope of Application: Circumferential above φ100mm Pipe Girth Welds and Plate Butt Welds 

Scanner Size: 136*81.5*43mm 

Encoder Step: 38 Pulses/mm 

Ingress Protection Ratting: Ip67 

Wedge Clamping Width: 32~48mm