GECKO Automated Crawler Scanner

Functional Characteristics

Phone WIFI + wired remote controller 

360°real time monitoring camera 

Support all orientation movements, with cruise control 

Multi-probe clamp modes, welds compatible 

Base material & corrosion inspections 

Battery working up to 5 hours on-site 

Application Filed

Tanks, big vessel 

Plate butt welds 

Base metal inspection

Spec of Crawler Scanner

Real time acquisition of working environment image, resolution 640*480 

Camera steering can be controlled

      Angle range in vertical direction: 20°~55°

      Angle range in horizontal direction: 20°~140° 

Displacement reciprocating precision error<=/-1mm 

Speed accuracy error<5%

Static load force / motion >360N

Remote distance>40m(unobstructed)

Minimum tank diameter>5m

Minimum tank thickness>15mm

Speed range 23.14mm/s-129.37mm/s

Motion control mode of scan vehicle for central processor software:

      Free motion model;

      Movement mode of shifting;

      Velocity differential motion mode;

      Support video and movie playback;

      Mobile terminal remote control software.