GECKO DSC-03 Automated Crawler Scanner


· Real-time acquisition of working environment images

· Displacement Reciprocating Accuracy Error <=+/1mm

· Speed accuracy erro< 5%

· When the wall thickness of bare metal magnetic workpiece in vertical direction is more than 20 mm, it can carry 20KG

· Circumferential motion applicable range 800mm-plane, axial motion applicable range 500mm-plane

· Measuring the Thickness of Workpiece (> 5mm)

· Crawler speed range 20mm/s-120mm/s

· Motion speed of power arm is 10 mm/s-130 mm/s

· Motion control mode:

    ·  Free Motion Model

     · Displacement motion mode

     · Two-axis scanning mode: raster scanning/sawtooth scanning


· Phone WIFI + wired remote controller

· 360°real time monitoring camera

· Support all orientation movements, with cruise control

· Multi-probe clamp modes, welds compatible

· Base material & corrosion inspections

· Battery working up to 5 hours on-site


· Weld Detection of Large Tank

· Flat plate weld detection

· Base Material Testing

· Corrosion detection

· Ultrasound Thickness Measurement