NOVASCAN portable ultrasound phased array flaw detector

New Phased Array Flaw Detector with TFM/FMC

Novascan is a full-featured phased array inspection tool. In addition to the phased array function and two-channel TOFD detection module, it also supports TFM imaging and FMC data acquisition. The number of imaging points is 1024 * 1024, which greatly improves imaging and shows small defects more clearly.

Dual Role

The Novascan has a FPGA connection interface, and canbe used as a phased array board, which can transmit the underlying data to the user, making it easier for users such as research institutes and universities to conduct secondary development.

Powerful Scanning Simulation Function

Equipped with a new scan planning process, it can realize 3D focus law simulation, multiple groups of simultaneous simulation, etc., and greatly simplified the user setting interface. It can help to complete the necessary steps such as process simulation and calibration in the shortest time.

More Application Fields

The equipment is equipped with a two-dimensional coded interface, which can realize high-speed two-dimensional scanning; it supports DLA and DMA probes, which can be used for austenitic stainless steel workpiece. With 32 groups for simultaneous detection and 8 groups displayed on the same screen, it is more suitable for complex detection cases.

3D Scan

Multi-group simulation